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The Hunger Games” has become a veritable “Turkey Day” tradition. Katniss Everdeen set new standards for gorging when “Catching Fire” became the highest-grossing Thanksgiving release ever. This year, “Mockingjay – Part 1″ is also feasting on the holiday box office, earning $14.6 million on ... See more »

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About Last Night: Tuesday Recaps

It's "Bangsgiving" on "New Girl," DiNozzo and Bishop are delayed at the D.C. airport and must investigate an elevated terror threat on "NCIS," and Root and Shaw disagree over how to handle a new threat from Samaritan on "Person of Interest".

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Check out our exclusive video series with the future Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, featuring stories on IMDb founder Col Needham, creating the costumes of Dallas Buyers Club, casting Elliott in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and more. Learn how you can become a Founding Supporter of the world's leading movie museum.

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Breaking Bad

Sony and AMC were initially reluctant to cast Bryan Cranston because of his previous comedic roles and considered both John Cusack and Matthew Broderick for Walter White. When they both declined, Vince Gilligan got to cast Cranston.

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Poll: Favorite Charlie Brown Television Special

Happy Birthday, Charles Schulz! There have been exactly 35 Charlie Brown television specials (shorts). Which of the Charlie Brown television specials, many centered around the holidays, is your favorite? (More Polls)

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