Prepare Yourself for "Penny Dreadful"

Get ready for the return of "Penny Dreadful" on Showtime with a look at what's to come for Season 3. Plus, learn more about the show's classic horror connections.

IMDb Picks: May Movies and TV Shows We Love

What will you be watching in May? From Captain America: Civil War to "Penny Dreadful," here are the movies and TV series IMDb Editors are most excited to watch this month.

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Three new releases hit theaters this weekend as the "official" start of the summer movie season is now just one week away. This year, however, has had more than its share of box office blockbusters ahead of the summer movie season with three films already topping $300 million domestically and a ... See more »

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IMDb on the Street: Loving Classic Horror Characters

IMDb hit up Emerald City Comic-Con to ask cosplayers about their favorite classic horror characters and why they love them so much. Werewolves, witches, and vampires? You bet.

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May TV Premieres: When Does Your Fave Show Return?

May marks the end of the traditional broadcast television season, but in the era of peak TV, many shows are just getting started. See which new and returning shows premiere in May.

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What's Trending on Amazon Video

Prince's untimely death has driven his 80s hit Purple Rain straight up the charts on Amazon Video, out-ranking even "Game of Thrones." HBO is still dominating the overall Top 10 list of "movers" on the platform, with "Thrones," "Veep" and "Silicon Valley" all percolating near the top.

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Did You Know?

Pulp Fiction

The role of Vincent Vega was originally (and exclusively) written with Michael Madsen firmly in mind. Quentin Tarantino had been working on his script for 7 months and, even though Madsen knew of Quentin's plans and had expressed his desire to play the part, Madsen had already signed up for the role of Virgil Earp in Wyatt Earp (1994), and was unable to commit to the film. He later regretted the decision.

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Poll: Lowest Rated Movie That You Have Seen


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We've all seen our fair share of bad movies, and afterwards, we often head to IMDb to see how it was rated by others. Which of these low-rated movies have you actually endured watching?

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